Our Experts

Richard Witte, Senior Packaging Engineer 
BS, MS, School of Packaging, Michigan State University
Over 46 years experience in food and beverage and industrial packaging environments. Industry experience includes cereal, hot/cold fill juices, carbonated soft drinks and water beverages, tomato products, syrups, and foods of all types in glass and plastic bottles, cans, and pouches. Experience includes high speed production line equipment line layout for all of the above.

Ruben Nelson, Project Manager / Senior Project Engineer / Packaging Engineer
BS, Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
Over 40 years of experience in packaging engineering, specializing in distribution, project management, material handling, operational analysis, and equipment development. Strong skills in planning, operational analysis, communication, organization, and interpersonal relationships. Extensive experience in beverage production, both domestically and internationally.

McMahan & Associates
Don McMahan, Senior Operations Consultant
BS, Food Technology, University of Tennessee
Over 40 years experience in the Food and Beverage Manufacturing field. Industrial experience includes Bakery, Meat and Poultry, and Prepared Frozen Entrees. Experienced in all aspects of plant and operations management, operational assessments, master planning, management turnaround, and training.

Advanced Business Concepts, Inc
Alan Bird, Senior Engineering and Operations Consultant
BS, Mechanical Engineering, Brunel College, England
Over 40 years experience in the food and beverage industry. Innovative operations consultant with extensive management experience in the management of a multi-billion dollar multiple plant corporation. Significant skills in administration, operations, strategic planning, manufacturing, production, process engineering, and distribution, R&D, P&L responsibility, interfacing and assisting with sales & marketing in consumer goods for the last eighteen years. An accomplished, results-orientated hands-on Senior Manager with wide ranging Domestic and International experience.

Packaging/Brody, Inc
Dr Aaron Brody, PhD, PE, Senior Food and Food Packaging Consultant
BS, Food Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
PhD, Food Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MBA, Northeastern University
More than 45 years experience in the food and beverage and packaging industries. Senior consultant in packaging, product development, chilled and frozen foods, thermal, aseptic, and modified atmosphere processing. Holds the basic patents on controlled atmosphere food preservation and aseptic packaging, and has been responsible for numerous food industry innovations and new products for which he has received the highest awards of Institute of Food Technologists and Institute of Packaging Professionals. Dr. Brody is a member of the Packaging Hall of Fame, author of eight books on food and food packaging technologies, and Adjunct Professor at The University of Georgia.

Dr Estes Reynolds, PhD, Senior Food Consultant
BS, Animal Science, University of Georgia
MS, Animal Husbandry/Food Technology, University of Tennessee
PhD, Food Science, University of Georgia
Over 45 years experience in comprehensive meat and poultry operations and food technology. Industry experience includes bakery, meat, poultry, and seafood. Experience in processing, packaging, food safety, sanitation, HACCP program development, environmental management, and product development.

Packaging and Technology Integrated Solutions, LLC
Michael Richmond, PhD and Brian Wagner

PTIS has over 30 years experience across packaging sectors providing integrated packaging solutions from innovation and growth to productivity and quality enhancements. PTIS’s focus on understanding consumers, consumer testing and retailer knowledge sets us apart from other packaging consultants. With front-end focus on consumer, channel and technical trends, PTIS delivers superior optimized results. PTIS works across consumer packaged goods areas and has special expertise in consumer understanding and benchmarking and best practices across industries. PTIS provides strategic and tactical project and program work and provides concept through commercialization for the client’s packaging needs.

Chilton Consulting
Jeff Chilton, Senior Consultant
BS, Marketing and Management, Tampa College, Tampa, Florida
MBA, University of Tampa, Tampa, Florida
Over 22 years experience in the food and beverage industry in various management roles. Extensive experience in HACCP Plan development and implementation, third party verification, HACCP training and audits, Food Safety and Environmental Sanitation audits.

Neil Heronime, Senior Controls / Electrical Engineer
BS, Electrical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
Over 28 years experience with control hardware and software in food and beverage, and chemical industries. Experienced in PLC programming, HMI configuration, data collection, control circuit design, power circuit design, and network design. In depth knowledge of beverage system controls including batching, pasteurizing, CIP, filling, labeling, and packing. Industry experience includes high speed beverage packaging, water treatment systems, clean in place systems, pasteurizers, oilseed processing, snack food fryers, and chemical batching systems.